15 March 2010

Monday miscellany -- time traveling with our ancestors

One of the great thrills of genealogy is traveling through time and space to where and when our ancestors lived.  Finding their records and imagining their lives requires us to read history.  Haiti has been in the news, sadly, since the recent earthquake.  This half hour podcast is an excellent brief history of Haiti. Our San Domingue families -- Bauduc, Cassou, LaClotte -- evacuated to Santiago de Cuba from Jeremie sometime between Thermidor 15 (July 3) year 12 (1803) end of Brumaire (October) near the end of the revolution. They were expelled from Cuba six years later.  Between May and July of 1809 thirty-four vessels from Cuba brought nearly 5800 persons to New Orleans-- whites, free mulattoes, and black slaves in almost equal numbers. Our family was among them.
To hear the history, broadcast on 3 March 2010 at http://www.abc.net.au/rn/rearvision/,(second tab down), go to rearvision and choose the "Download Audio" option.  It will start playing immediately.  Or use the link above. One of the authorities being interviewed is Dr. David Geggus from the U of Florida, Gainesville.

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