17 March 2010

Tombstone Tuesday -- Mausoleum -- another way to go

Our John Baptiste Gilbert I, his 2nd wife, Kate Ruth Kelly, three of his children (JBG II aka Buv, Seabury Mastick, and Kathryn Ruth aka Auntie Kate) plus Buv's wife, Elsie Jorgenson, are here at Chapel of The Chimes in Oakland, California -- a beautiful Julia Morgan designed building.

Last year four of us made a visit.  Mastick's daughter, Marcia, brought flowers -- he died of a burst appendix when she was only six.  Her son-in-law got the ladder and vases while her younger daughter and I looked on. We all paid our respects. Although both Mastick and Auntie Kate were married, they are buried together -- brother and sister -- and their spouses buried elsewhere.  

The above flowers are for Mastick and Kate.

JBG II "Buv" and Elsie.

Here rests our patriarch, JBG I, and his beloved 2nd wife, Kate Kelly. The spot above them is empty because my dad (JBG III) moved his father, JBG I's eldest son, Louis Jules Gilbert,to rest beside his wife, Willa Truman Sale, at St. Stephen's in Orinda.  Louis died in 1941 and Granwilla in 1986. She wanted her Louis with her, and my dad (their son) complied.

Requiescant in pace

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