01 March 2010

Monday miscellany -- Grandad obtains a patent

Pi and Grandad (last week's tombstone Tuesday) were married 19 May 1914 in the Methodist Episcopal Church, Manila, Philippine Islands. They had their first child, our mother, Lavinia Cresap, on 15 June 1915 in Manila, and their second child, Florence Cresap on 8 April 1917 just two days before the following patent was issued: 

1917 US Patent
Cresap, Andrew B., Manila, Philippine Islands.manufacture of agglutinated rice-kernels. No. 1,221,973; April 10; v. 237; p. 372.

He was eager to build a business having mustered out of the army, met Grace Arnold, married and decided to stay in the Philippines. As far as I know, it never had anything to do with manufacturing agglutinated rice-kernels -- rather, it was a trucking business from the docks. But we will explore this.

Next week: how "Candy" and Grace, two young people both coincidentally from Ohio, ended up in the Philippines in the first place. Sneak preview:  he was a medic in the U.S. Army (first in Puerto Rico then in the Philippines) and she was a registered nurse (first in Hawaii then in the Philippines).

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