03 April 2010

Easter 1952 at Hacienda Circle

left to right:  Joan, Jack, Cres, Vinnie
l to r: Joan, Jack, Cres, Vinnie

Easter was new clothes, white gloves, an egg hunt at dawn, church, leg of lamb with Granwilla, and an egg war with confetti-filled eggshells. We saved the shells for weeks -- ate many scrambled-egg meals so we could put a pin prick on one end of a raw egg, and chip out tiny hole on the other, then blow the raw white and yolk out to keep the shell.  We dyed the eggs pink, yellow, lavender, and blue then stuffed confetti inside. What a war we had. After the egg hunt, we snuck up on one another and smashed eggs down on each others' heads. We lobbed confetti-filled eggs across the yard.  Mom brought this tradition from her Spanish imbued Philippine childhood.  How she laughed with joy as we cavorted.

Happy Easter family.


  1. It's funny who you see in old photos. Looking at you I see Dana. Usually I see Dana when looking at old pictures of Jack.
    Cres looks like JBG lll in that photo, but usually looks like your mother. I guess facial expressions in photos have a lot to do with who a person looks like at any given time.
    Anyway, it's a great picture.

  2. We all look pretty happy that it's Easter. It was usually a very fun day.

    I agree we are often chameleons. The folks divided us up as Jack and Joan = Gilberts. Cres and me = Cresaps. But I'm not so sure...

  3. Yes, that's the way I thought of you, but now it seems, the lines have blurred, so to speak.


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